Landon’s Sports

Landon loves playing baseball at the Miracle League of the Triangle.  Miracle League is a non-profit organization that provides children with special needs the opportunity to play baseball.   Landon loves the coaches, the players, the announcer, and the applause and excitement of the crowd.  Landon’s baseball nickname is:   Landon ‘”Open the Case” (from Deal or No Deal).  Landon has played on various teams for the last four consecutive years.   Landon loves his most recent coach, Coach Chuck.  Coach Chuck and the  assistant coaches are wonderful support to Landon and the other players.   Please let Landon know if you are interested in attending a game, because he always loves adding to his fan club!


Landon Miracle League 2013            Landon  with Coach Ana and Coach Padvorac

Landon batting at Miracle League     Landon running to home base