Learn About Landon

Meet a very special boy named Landon

Landon is a very joyful, vibrant boy that loves life and loves people. If you are reading this website, you either know him personally or he happily chose you to introduce himself or greet you, usually with a question!
Landon knows no strangers and as his parents, we wanted to help Landon put together a website  to provide more about Landon because we meet so many new friends and acquaintances on a daily basis. We also want to encourage those who may have a child diagnosed with Hydrocephalus or other special needs.

On Landonsadventure.com web site, you can learn about Landon’s interests such as Church,  the Computer, Cooking,  Music, and  Sports.   We have  pictures, audio, and a welcome video from Landon. We also have pages to answer questions about children with special needs. Please drop Landon a note and we will try to help Landon   respond in a timely manner!

landon on bench

Landon at yates mill pond