Landon’s Computer Interests

Since Landon has poor fine motor skills and handwriting is a challenge for him, he started using the keyboard and computer at a young age. The majority of his work at school is either done at the computer or “dictate to scribe.” Landon loves using the computer and listed below are some of his favorite websites:


  1. Clubhouse Jr.
  2. Disney Jr.
  3. Emeril Lagasse
  4. Food Network
  5. Paula Deen
  6. PBS kids
  7. Sesame Street
  8. VeggieTales
  9. What’s In the Bible


Landon’s newest fascination is in Google Maps.  He loves looking up locations and addresses (especially in Mexico!), and once he has looked at it once, more than likely Landon can tell you the street names from that point forward!