Landon’s Church Activities

Church is a very large part of Landon and his family’s life.  We are very blessed, because Landon has the opportunity to attend a special needs class at his church.  It is a comfort and reassurance that not only is Landon receiving Biblically-based teaching, but that it is in an atmosphere that is loving, caring, and structured to meet his needs and the needs of his classmates.  The adults that teach and assist him are in the classroom because they WANT to be there!  They also have summer camps and sports camps structured specifically for special needs children.

Landon and his siblings also participate in AWANAS at church, which he absolutely loves.  He is in a special group entitled Trailblazers, which is for special needs children.  Scripture memory and application is an integral part of the program, and Landon memorized over 21 scripture verses this past year! Yeah Landon!

Learning at AWANA           Landon with his Awana award