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A nice change…

I loved it.  My husband was beet red this time.  A local Sears was closing, and Landon had made his way, yet again, into a conversation with one of the young ladies that was employed there.  He asked her what she did there, why the store was closing, and too many other questions to mention. We usually have a routine when we are trying to end a conversation by asking Landon, “What do you say, Landon?” and his response is followed with “Thank you for talking to me today!”

Well, I guess Landon was feeling very adventurous that Saturday evening.  Here was how the conversation went:

Daddy: Landon, it’s time to go, what do you say?

Landon, looking at the employee: I LOVE you!

Employee: Well, thank you very much Landon.

Landon: Will you come to my house tonight for dinner?

Employee: Well, Landon, I am sorry. I have to work tonight.

Landon, turning to his Daddy: Daddy, you should have married HER!

Daddy: Landon, I think we did just great with Mommy.

Oh.My.  I could see Brian’s red face walking to me and he had this humiliated smile.  When he told me what happened, all I could do was laugh. and laugh. and laugh.



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