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An apology in advance…..

Like a lot of children with disabilities, not everything that Landon struggles with is apparent. One example is his vision.  Landon navigates very well and can read print with his Cortical Visual Impairment, but one thing he can not do is see facial features.  He can not recognize himself or any of his family members in a photographs, nor would he even recognize his own parents if we visited him unexpectedly at school and didn’t greet him.

With that said, it can really cause some uncomfortable but very memorable situations!  Landon is only being inquisitive because what his vision is telling him doesn’t make sense.  I usually try to explain to the individual, but sometimes, I simply do not have it in me when wrestling with three other children.

So, here are some apologies for the following people:


The man with long hair in Sam’s Club who Landon asked loudly, “Why does that woman have a man’s voice?”


The lady at Walmart that Landon insisted on telling she was man because her voice was so low.  “You’re not a woman, you are a MAN!”






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